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We are your "little black book" for the Nuclear Industry. Getting nuclear outage work cannot be easier. We are the most detailed website for Union Craft Nuke Workers on the internet!

We have:
  • Complete list of all nuclear power plant outage jobs in the US
  • Union hall contact information for every job - Local Number, Telephone Number, Business Agent's Name
  • Payrate (in the check) and benifits breakdown for most jobs
  • Unemployment max rates, quarter requirements, website urls to open claims
  • Search and Sort capabilites on all the information we track
  • Saff and computer automation that checks this information to make sure it stays up to date


What's Next

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What We Do is a scheduling and hiring database for matching members of skilled building trade unions with upcoming maintenance or system upgrade projects at any of the 60 nuclear plants located in the United States.

Launched in 2011, our extensive database provides all the information that any of the estimated 250,000 union tradesmen in the U.S. need to seek out seasonal work at nuclear plants anywhere in the country as utilities schedule outages for equipment maintenance, refueling projects or system upgrades. In the past workers would have had to rely on personal contacts and multiple phone calls to local union halls to gather job-related information – and then try to coordinate travel from one plant to another to meet the utilities’ needs and to maintain consistent employment during the peak spring and fall outage seasons.

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Company Staff

Christopher Baran, Founder and CEO
Bryce Lenhart, Ruby on Rails Developer
Bryan Shutter, General Manager
Don Allen, PR Manager
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Our Industry

The nuclear power industry accounts for nearly 20 percent of all U.S. electricity production, which amounts to a $70 billion annual market. Every year, utility operators must schedule planned system outages for repairs, upgrades and refueling at the 100 U.S. nuclear reactors. Since no utility can afford to have such specialized talent on staff year-round, they rely heavily on skilled union tradesmen to meet these short term needs during non-peak spring and fall power generation seasons. The mobile union craftsmen who service these projects include virtually all trade specialties, such as carpenters, millwrights, boiler makers, sheet metal workers, pipe fitters, iron workers, painters and laborers.

A single nuclear plant may need up to 3,500 temporary workers at a time for projects that may last anywhere from a week to a month or more. In the past, the burden has been on these specialists to track down job opportunities, apply for them and work on these projects – then move on to the next one. More than 30 million man-hours are worked by these supplemental tradesmen each year

That’s where comes in. We put the best people together with the most pressing construction needs, and it all happens online.

How Works

The website makes it easier and more efficient for craftsmen to schedule work and plant-to-plant travel because it gives them a “big picture” view of all industry activity, which varies greatly by plant and season. Users can sort information by project start and end dates; plant name and location; union local contact information; and more. Upcoming enhancements will include apps such as a drive time calculator for plant-to-plant travel, to facilitate work scheduling.

Union tradesmen can go online to our website and search for job openings that meet their interests and needs – including pay rate information as well as unemployment benefits when the job ends. They also can better plan their travel around the country so that they’re employed more fully through the typical outage season.

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